What is YJoLT?

YJoLT is the only law review at Yale Law School to offer a fully interactive publication environment, as well as the only Yale law review to study the immensely important interaction between law and technology. We publish lectures and articles related to law and technology semiannually.

For Potential Authors

We publish articles on a very wide range of topics related to the intersection of law and technology. You can peruse the articles of past issues on this website for a sample of topics we have accepted.

If you are interested in publishing with YJoLT, please submit your materials electronically through ExpressO or ScholasticaPlease submit the manuscript as a Word (preferred) or PDF file. The author should also include a resume/CV and a short abstract. Manuscripts should be accompanied by the author’s e-mail address, telephone number, and address. If you are unable to submit your article via ExpressO or Scholastica, please contact us using the information at the end of this web page.

We review articles on a rolling basis and generally make publication decisions in the Spring and Fall. Due to the significant volume of articles YJoLT receives and YJoLT editors’ limited time and resources, we cannot guarantee to contact each author about the outcome of our decision but we will be sure to notify the author when an offer for publication is made.

For Potential Editors

Do I need a science/technical background to join the journal?

No. There is no assumed knowledge, and YJoLT is a great way either to learn about something new or to learn more about a subject you studied before law school. We have editors from both humanities and science backgrounds, who share an interest in law and technology.

What do new editors do?

New editors play an integral role in selecting and editing articles for publication. All editors are invited to read article submissions and offer feedback on them. Editors can opt to join the Submissions Committee review and select student submissions for publication. And, of course, editors are divided into edit teams and collaborate at sourcecite sessions to proofread articles and check citations prior to publication.

What kind of time commitment is YJoLT?

YJoLT is a great way to learn about being on a journal without making a huge time commitment. Each editor will participate in one or two sourcecites per semester and will have the opportunity to offer feedback on articles we consider for publication. We also have a few brief meetings that give YJoLTers the chance to catch up, eat dinner, and discuss the direction of the journal.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about YJoLT, please contact our Editor-in-Chief Shili Shao. For inquiries regarding events with YJoLT, please reach out to Managing Editor Ezra Husney