Ideas Lunch

Event time: 
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Ashmun A436 See map
Event description: 

This week we will be joined by Robin Feldman, Professor of Law at UC Hastings, and Director of the Law and Bioscience Project. I believe there will be Thai food for lunch (thank you, Natasha).

Robin will be discussing her work-in-progress, “Intellectual Property Wrongs.” Below is an abstract: 


Currently, intellectual property rights are being used for purposes such as hiding embarrassing or illegal conduct, avoiding obligations, pressuring others into surrendering rights, harassing competitors, and engaging in complex anticompetitive schemes. This occurs because attributes of the intellectual property system allow rights holders to bargain for compensation beyond the value of the right—a process that is damaging innovation, creating dysfunction in markets, and wasting vast amounts of business and legal resources. What should we do when rights that we have created with such lofty goals and noble heart are diverted toward less admirable pursuits, that is, when intellectual property rights become the vehicles for intellectual property wrongs? 

For those who are interested, a copy of the paper can be downloaded at